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JK-Machinenbau is a company that produces high quality capping, packaging, filling and labeling machines for a variety of industries – from food, through cosmetics, to chemicals and many more. Each machine is manufactured to meet all the norms and laws concerning the production lines of chosen substances and can be operated semi or fully-automatically. Thanks to the wide variety of devices prepared by the company, each investor and corporation will be able to choose a solution suited best to their needs and requirements.


Their filling and labeling machines will greatly improve the pace and quality of preparing bottles with chosen substances in many companies. Production will noticeably speed up, allowing to manufacture a larger number of products. The devices supplied by JK-Machinenbau are able to deal with flammable, chemically aggressive and even explosive substances. Moreover, their filling and labeling machines are very versatile – besides liquids, they can be used with semi-liquids and depending on the type of apparatus, even pasty.

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